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Memorial Plaques

Memorial plaques and commemorative stone tablets.

Unique stone memorial plaques

Hertfordshire Headstones is proud to offer a premium service, supplying bespoke stone carved memorial plaques with a masterful finish. All our memorial plaques are individually designed and feature deeply V-cut lettering for a more beautiful and enduring finish. We prefer to use locally sourced stone, rather than the highly polished granite imported from across the globe. This means that our memorials sit more comfortably in the traditional setting of a British churchyard or cemetery.

Bespoke Slate commemorative Plaques
memorial plaques
Memorial stone tablet
Memorial Plaques and tablets

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We offer a complete package. Our process normally starts with a telephone or email conversation. Once we understand your requirements we make a series of design proposals and work with you to arrive at a final drawing. We take care of the paperwork required by the cemetery, or churchyard and study any regulations that apply. Once we have created your memorial, our qualified stonemasons install the memorial plaque according to recognised  industry standards.

Commemorative tablet
Commemorative plaques
Gravestones and Memorial Plaques and cremation plaques
Memorial Plaque made from Welsh Slate
NABRESINAplaque with raised carved letters

Good Design & Beautiful lettering

We put good design and beautiful lettering at the heart of everything we do. Our designers individually craft the lettering on all of our memorial plaques. This requires skill and many years of practice to perfect, guaranteeing all our memorial plaques have beautiful lettering throughout. We have years of experience matching lettering styles to stone materials and can offer expert advice on what will work best for your design. From classic formal Roman capitals, to flourished italics, our V-cut lettering gives our bespoke memorials a timeless quality.

What is the best stone for a memorial plaque?  

We are passionate about making the perfect memorial, which is why we’re very particular about the type of stone that we choose to work with. Because memorial plaques lay flat on the ground they are very exposed to the elements and so the choice of stone is important.  Whilst granite is a popular stone for memorial plaques due to it’s weathering properties, it is too hard and brittle for inscriptions to be V-cut and so lettering must be sand-blasted, resulting in a shallow, flat letter form. To be legible therefore, an inscription on a granite memorial must be painted which means that the memorial remains readable only as long as the paint lasts. We prefer to make memorials that last a lifetime and so choose stones that can withstand the elements and allow deeply V-cut lettering. V-cutting is the traditional approach to lettering in stone. Inscriptions cut in this way do not require paint to be seen, as a shadow cast from the available sunlight ensure legibility.


“I was so happy to see the headstone in place. It is just beautiful in it’s simplicity and everything I hoped we would be able to achieve for Mum. Thank you for making this whole daunting process so much easier than I envisaged and for your understanding and patience as I came backwards and forwards with little amendments! Mark has done wonderful work on the stone and the whole finished effect is perfect and ‘warm’, just what we hoped for”  Sally – Tring

“We commissioned Hertfordshire Headstones to design our family gravestone. They completely understood what we were looking for and exceeded all our expectations with the design and their sensitive approach. We chose a Yorkshire Sandstone with a simple inscription and it’s just perfect. We are really happy with it. Highly recommended”

Jon – Berkhamsted

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We can help take you through your options to find the perfect stone, as well as discuss with you your personal requirements for your individually designed memorial message.


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