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Handcrafted, High Quality Grave Headstones, and Memorial Plaques.

At Hertfordshire Headstones, we understand the importance of honouring your loved one appropriately after they have passed. Our high quality headstones, gravestones and memorial plaques are therefore handcrafted from the finest choice of stone and feature V-carved lettering for a premium, authentic memorial that will serve as a beautiful reminder of your loved one for years to come.

Grave Headstones

Words Matter.

The words you choose to mark your loved one’s passing with are of great importance, something that is attested to by the amount of thought that goes into choosing them. It is therefore fitting to choose the most authentic method to engrave them with. V-carving produces intricate, highly detailed results and can be used to create both complex and simple designs to the best effect.

Why choose a stonemason for  memorials?

A skilled stonemason with an artist’s eye is able to judge letters and spacing in a way that a computer simply can’t. We believe that the uniqueness of a person’s life should be captured in the uniqueness of their memorial, something that is less achievable through methods such as sandblasting.

Grave Headstones
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Gravestones and Memorial Plaques

Authentic Techniques.

Sandblasting is a common method for tombstone lettering that has become the norm due to its affordability. However, to achieve a high quality finish, V-carving is always recommended for the engraving of headstones and memorial plaques. Because of the techniques we use and the knowledge we have of our art, we are able to create bespoke, premium products at a highly competitive price.

Bespoke Designs.

By putting good grave headstone design and expert craftsmanship at the heart of everything we do, we are able to create beautiful, personal memorials to suit the individual needs of our clients. By listening to your description of the deceased and your wishes for how you would like them to be remembered, we can advise you on the perfect design to suit your needs.

Welsh Slate Memorial Plaques, Headstones, Gravestones and Grave Stones

Knowledge and Expertise.

We are a family run business. As talented stonemasons, we are knowledgeable about the different types of stone, their individual properties and where to source the highest quality raw materials from. We are experts at working with a wide range of stones sourced from within the UK and Europe, including Welsh Slate, Yorkshire Sandstone, Dorset Limestone. We also work with Granite and Marble.

The best stones and suppliers.

Stonemasonry is our craft and therefore we are discerning when it comes to the choice of stone that we use, always opting for stones sourced from the UK and Europe, over those sourced from further afield. We are fully acquainted with our suppliers and prefer to work only with materials that we are fully knowledgeable about. We always endeavour to use the highest quality raw materials possible in our work.

Mark did an amazing job with my mother’s gravestone; we wanted a beautiful gravestone for her and I can’t recommend Mark highly enough. He is a true artist with a great eye for typography and design. Having seen suggestions from two other companies before approaching Mark, Mark’s design was pretty much perfect straight away and the end result of how the carved letters and a carved scallop shell look on the slate stone is truly beautiful. Mark is very easy to work with, and he also went above and beyond, helping us with the paperwork and liaising with the cemetery over the installation – he is also a perfectionist throughout and installed the stone beautifully. Moreover, he is also a really great guy to work with and that really helps when commissioning a gravestone for a loved one. Thank you Mark for our beautiful memorial stone.

High quality headstones and memorials

We Have Over 30 Years of Experience in The Industry

We have extensive experience in customising our designs to the specific needs of our customers, making our service truly bespoke – we can provide high quality headstones, gravestones, and memorial plaques tailored directly to you.

We use the lessons learned from many years of working with stone to provide a fantastic finished product that befits your nearest and dearest. You can have as much or as little to do with the project as you like – however you want to work is how we’ll make it happen.

Hertfordshire Headstones

High Quality Headstones, Gravestones and Memorial Plaques.

When you work with us, you will be partnering with a highly experienced stonemason who can help you tailor a memorial directly to your preferences. By using the services of a true stonemason, you will be getting a memorial that has had its lettering and designs painstakingly designed and carved for the best possible finish.

We continue to use the time-tested techniques we have learned over generations of working with high-quality stone. Our approach also means we’re able to offer our customers a much higher degree of customisation and can accommodate a wide variety of designs, letter forms and layouts.


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Commemorating Lives: A Guide to Grave Headstones

In the ever-changing tapestry of human existence, one thing remains constant – the need to remember and honour our loved ones. Grave headstones, often overlooked in daily life, play an essential role in preserving the memories of those who have passed away. These stone monuments, etched with names, dates, and sometimes heartfelt messages, stand as enduring symbols of remembrance and love. In this article, we delve into the significance, history, and artistry behind grave headstones.

The Significance of Grave Headstones:

Grave headstones are not mere markers of a final resting place; they are tributes to the lives lived, the stories told, and the legacies left behind. Here are some key reasons why these stones hold such importance:

Preservation of Memory: A headstone ensures that the memory of the departed lives on. It provides a place where family and friends can pay their respects, share stories, and remember the person they loved.

A Source of Comfort: Grief is a universal human experience, and headstones offer solace in times of loss. They provide a tangible connection to the deceased, a place for reflection, and an opportunity to express emotions.

Historical Records: Headstones serve as historical records, offering insights into local history, cultural practices, and even genealogy. Historians and genealogists often turn to graveyards for research.

The Artistry of Grave Headstones:

Headstones come in a myriad of designs, shapes, and materials, each reflecting the cultural and artistic preferences of the era and region. Some of the common elements of their artistry include:

Material Choices: From classic marble to rugged granite, and even metal or wood, the choice of material influences the aesthetics and durability of the headstone.

Carvings and Inscriptions: Many headstones feature intricate carvings, from religious symbols to floral motifs. The inscriptions convey essential details, such as the name, birth and death dates, and sometimes, heartfelt epitaphs.

Shapes and Styles: Headstones can be upright, flat, or shaped like crosses, angels, or obelisks. The design often mirrors the personality and preferences of the deceased.

Customisation: In the modern era, personalisation is key. Families can work with us to create unique headstones that celebrate a person’s individuality. Have a look at some of those we have created below (click to view a bigger version):



A Glimpse into History:

The use of grave headstones is deeply rooted in history. They have taken various forms and served different purposes throughout time:

Ancient Origins: The tradition of marking graves with stones dates back thousands of years. Ancient civilisations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used stone markers to honour the deceased.

Medieval Symbolism: In the Middle Ages, headstones often featured intricate religious symbols and heraldry. They were as much about spirituality as remembrance.

Victorian Era Elegance: The Victorian era saw a surge in the popularity of elaborate headstone designs, with an emphasis on sentimentality and mourning rituals.

Modern Personalisation: Today, headstones are often customised to reflect the personality, hobbies, and achievements of the deceased. They can be minimalist or elaborate, depending on individual preferences.

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