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Memorial Design

Bespoke Gravestones, Headstones and Commemorative Plaques.

Bespoke Designs

Creating a gravestone to honour the life of a lost loved one can be a beautiful tribute. We work with you to produce a memorial plaque, headstone or gravestone that is well-made, unique and built to last. Following your consultation, we will create a series of sketches to give you a look at your options. It is one thing to discuss certain materials or lettering types, and another thing to see what they look like in sketch form. That is why we will give you several options to choose from as a starting point for your design.

We will develop your chosen design, consulting with you all the way, until we reach the final choice. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and alter your gravestone design.

Designed headstone including anchor carving
Grey Nabresina Memorial Headstone
Drawing of rustic headstone at Harrow Cemetery
Rustic gravestone at Harrow Cemetery

Types of Stone

We are passionate about making the perfect memorial, which is why we’re very particular about the different types of stone that we choose to work with. We always use high-quality, responsibly sourced British or European stone, ensuring that the end result is always something that has a premium look and feel.

Yorkstone Gravestone with Celtic Cross

Yorkshire Sandstone

A beautiful honey coloured sandstone from Yorkshire with excellent weathering properties.

Welsh Slate Memorial with italic design

Welsh Slate

Perfect for intricate, detailed carving, this fine grained stone will defy the elements for centuries to come.

nabresina headstone with carved lettering


A characterful pale stone from Northern Italy. This dense limestone allows detailed letter carving and copes well with the British climate.

Celtic Limestone gravestone designed with Gill Sans Lettering1

Celtic Limestone

A tough limestone form Kilkenny, Ireland. This blue / grey stone is perfect material for carving.

Memorial designed in Portland Limestone

Portland Limestone

This pale, creamy limestone from the south coast of England has been used in the construction and memorial industries for centuries. 

White Nabresina tombstone with tree design

White Nabresina

A paler and uniformly coloured, hard limestone from Italy. A great option for those looking for a classic white memorial.  

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Beautiful lettering is at the heart of what makes your memorial unique. We take this element of memorial design extremely seriously. Our designers craft the lettering on all of our headstones. This requires skill and many years of practice to perfect, guaranteeing your gravestone will have beautiful lettering throughout. We have years of experience matching lettering styles to stone materials and can offer expert advice on what will work best for your design. From classic formal Roman capitals, to flourished italics, our V-cut lettering gives our bespoke gravestones and memorials a timeless quality.

formal Serif roman headstone design

Formal Serif Roman

RUSTIC headstone with Calligraphic lettering


NABRESINAplaque with raised carved letters

Raised Lettering

Sans Serif Sandstone Memorial

Classic Sans Serif

bespoke slate memorial at North London Cemetery

Modern Sans Serif

Nabresina Limestone - with Tree Carving

Free sans Serif

Headstone Shapes

Our bespoke gravestones and memorials can be customised to your requirements. We offer time-tested classic shapes such as the segmented arc, ogee and ellipse designs, but if you have more unusual requirements we will work with you to make them a reality. All of our memorials are bespoke, so we can produce a stone of almost any shape.


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