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Memorial Design

Bespoke  Gravestones, Headstones and Memorials.

Memorial Design.

Creating a gravestone to honour the life of a lost loved one can be a beautiful tribute. We work with you to produce a memorial plaque, headstone or gravestone that is well-made, unique and built to last. We create a series of designs for you to choose from, ensuring your bespoke gravestones are one-of-a-kind – just like the person they are commemorating. We are with you every step of the way to make sure you are happy with your memorial, from the initial design stage all the way through to carving.

    Designing a memorial
    Designing a memorial - Headstones, Gravestones and Grave Stones
    Gravestones and Grave Stones Hertfordshire Headstone designs
    Headstones, Gravestones and Grave Stones Memorial Designs

    Types of stone.

    Our talented stonemasons collaborate with families to make sure their memorial is built to stand the test of time, paying tribute to its subject for many decades into the future. We use only the best quality stones. Where possible, we source them from the UK or nearby, cutting down on the environmental impact of our work and supporting local businesses. Some of our popular stones are shown here.

    We also offer granite and marble but the options are limitless and we can give you expert guidance on your choice of stone.

    All of our materials are chosen after careful consideration of their properties, which we explain fully to the families we work with, and all of them are able to withstand the British climate over the long term.

      Yorkshire Sandstone

      Yorkshire Sandstone

      Portland Limestone

      Portland Limestone

      Welsh Slate

      Welsh Slate


      Nabresina Limestone

      Stone Shapes

      Our memorials are hand-crafted, so their shapes can be customised to your requirements. We offer the time-tested classic shapes such as the full arc, Tudor arc and square designs, but if you have more unusual requirements we will work with you to make them a reality. All of our memorials are bespoke, so we can produce a stone of almost any shape.

        Headstones, Gravestones and Grave Stones memorial shapes


        Beautiful lettering is at the heart of what makes your memorial unique. We take this element of memorial design extremely seriously.

        Our designers craft the lettering on all of our headstones. This requires skill and many years of practice to perfect, guaranteeing your gravestone will have beautiful text throughout.

        We have years of experience matching lettering styles to stone materials and can offer expert advice on what will work best for your design. From classic Roman capitals to bold flourished italics, our V-carved lettering gives our bespoke gravestones and memorials a professional, timeless quality.

          Headstones, Gravestones and Grave Stones Carved Memorial Design
          Headstones Lettering
          Designing a memorial
          Headstones and memorials

          Pictorial and decorative elements

          Motifs and carved designs can add a personal touch to any headstone. The reasons for choosing such an addition to a memorial are unique to each family, often commemorating a favourite flower, religious image or even favourite sports team logo that held importance for their loved one.

          We will work with you to incorporate these decorative elements into your design, offering examples of existing work we have produced to give you extra options.

            Hertfordshire Gravestones
            Shell motif design by Hertfordshire Headstones
            Wheatsheaf motif design by Hertfordshire Headstones
            Hertfordshire Headstones Motifs

            COntact Us

            We can help take you through your options to find the perfect stone, as well as discuss with you your personal requirements for your individually designed memorial message.


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