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Unique Headstones and Gravestones

Headstones and Gravestones

All our headstones and gravestones are completely bespoke and we prefer to use locally sourced stone, rather than the highly polished factory made templates that are imported from across the globe.

This means that our memorials sit more comfortably in the traditional setting of a British churchyard or cemetery.

Headstones with deeply V-cut lettering.

One of the advantages of using a more traditional stone is that inscriptions can be deeply cut to a V shape, rather than sand-blasted. Whist sand-blasting is a very fast and inexpensive technique for lettering in stone, it does result in a shallow and rather flat engraving that relies on paint to be seen. This means that in a relatively short period of time a sand-blasted headstone can become difficult to read, as the paint inevitably deteriorates. Deeply V cut lettering however, does not need paint to be seen because of the way that the V shape casts a shadow from the available sunlight and so the headstone remains legible.

Beautifully designed headstones.

We have a love of calligraphy and all of our work is designed by Calligrapher and Lettering Artist Mark Brooks. Mark’s early obsession with calligraphy lead him to complete a five year apprenticeship at the Richard Kindersley Studio where he perfected the art of stone letter carving. Since then Mark has built a team dedicated to creating bespoke headstones and memorials, putting good design and beautiful lettering at the forefront. This means that we take the design of your memorial seriously and are equipped to make memorials that most Monumental Stonemasons simply cannot.

Headstones made from locally sourced stone.

All of our stones are responsibly sourced from the UK or Europe and are suitable for the UK climate. When selecting a stone, it is important to consider the location of the grave, how you would like the stone to respond to the conditions over time, as well as the colour and type of carving you would like. We normally recommend using Celtic Limestone, Welsh or Cumbrian Slate, Nabresina Limestone or Yorkshire Sandstone, as all are hardy, carve well and offer a range of shades.

Portland limestone

Portland Limestone

Yorkshire Sandstone


Nabresina Headstones


Celtic Limestone Memorial

Celtic Limestone

Cemetery Headstones

Welsh Slate

Cumbrian slate headstones

Cumbrian Slate

Working with you to create a bespoke memorial.

Creating a truly bespoke memorial can be simple and straight forward. We prefer to use real examples of our work as a reference for future designs and do not have a catalogue of factory made templates. We can offer guidance regarding the type of stone, format of the inscription and shape, and will study the rules of the cemetery or church to make sure your design complies with the regulations. Once we know the words you would like we make a series of drawings to show you what is possible, eventually arriving at a design that we can submit to the aurthorising body for approval.

How much does a headstone cost?

We believe that memorials should last a lifetime, but we also understand the difficulty of reconciling true quality with a reasonable budget. Our mission is to bridge that gap, offering premium products and superior workmanship at affordable prices.

Our bespoke headstones and gravestones start from £3,000 including VAT, design proposals and installation. Prices do vary based on the type of stone, size of the memorial and amount of carving, and often there is an additional fee to pay to the church or cemetery for permission to erect a memorial. Generally limestone and sandstone memorials are less expensive than those made from slate, as the raw material is more available.

We offer a complete  service, from memorial design to installation. Call: 01442 956 959

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